Bianca Rinehart & Sasha Serebryakov


"It's very important to me personally to honour my grandmother Hope (Nanna) and actively carry forward her legacy of compassion, generosity, resilience and grace. Injustice, disadvantage, cruelty and suffering are rife within our communities. People are hurting, homeless and too many lost to suicide. I believe that with the right support lives can be turned around and that this support should be accessible to all, at the earliest opportunity. Given my own lived experience I also felt it was important to add my voice & support to those seeking to advance our understanding and acceptance of mental ill-health and a preventative approach to combat the rising numbers affected and the intergenerational impact this is having on families and cost to society." - Bianca


"I am honoured that we have embarked on this as a family. I am firstly a husband and a father but I also hope to support these causes through my experience as an entrepreneur and corporate professional. My passion is in looking after our family, outdoors, standing up to bullies and helping those in need." - Sasha



Krystal Barter

Krystal is a philanthropist, global women’s health activist, mentor, speaker, author, wife and proud mother-of- three.  From the beginning Krystal set out to create a better future for her family, who have experienced generations of cancer and suffering. Her desire to challenge the status quo and build a lasting legacy for generations to come brings a great sense of achievement. Krystal brings with her a wealth of knowledge, experience and most importantly passion to impact and improve the lives of others, she has for over a decade founded and managed the preventative health organisation Pink Hope.


“I am honoured to work alongside Bianca and Sasha to ensure the injustices, violence and trauma that vulnerable Australians face everyday is lessened through investment into organisations that are on the ground making a difference”. - Krystal