"If you are doing something useful and you enjoy doing it, that's the essence of life" - Hope Hancock

About Us

The Restore Hope Australia Foundation funds organisations that are helping to heal and providing pathways towards better life opportunities and outcomes for victims of abuse, vulnerable or the otherwise marginalised in our communities


Identify and address root causes of people ‘falling through the cracks’ and facing poor mental health, addiction issues, homelessness and incarceration

To work with trauma-informed service providers providing opportunities to heal for victims of abuse, trauma and neglect

To invest in programs that make a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable in society

To lessen the gap regarding services available to our rural and remote areas

To raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental health

To invest in educational programs, skill-building/employment-ready and micro-business opportunities enabling greater financial independence and security

To preserve and protect our native and endangered animals and assist other animal welfare causes


“It's very important to me personally to honour my grandmother Hope (Nanna) and actively carry forward her legacy of compassion, generosity, resilence and grace”.

Bianca Rinehart