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The Restore Hope Foundation funds organisations that are helping to heal and providing pathways towards better life opportunities & outcomes for survivors of abuse/trauma, vulnerable or the otherwise marginalised in our communities

I believe lives subjected to trauma at a young age, including abuse and neglect, left unsupported to heal, are unfairly compromised.

Children forced to live in survival mode develop a variety of coping mechanisms which supersede the development of a healthy mental health foundation allowing them to thrive in relationships, including with themselves in later life.  

It is widely recognised that many survivors who didn't have access to support to heal from early childhood trauma develop a variety of common physical and mental ill health symptoms later in life, some may attempt to self medicate to numb the pain that is the struggle to survive after being broken in childhood and many wind up incarcerated, homeless and/or suicidal.  

It's also understood that lives have the opportunity to change when the trauma affected child has access to one safe and supportive friend/neighbor or therapist etc, invested in supporting the child to heal, enabling the development of trust in others and of self-esteem not self-sabotage.  

Restore Hope Australia supports organisations at the front line providing safe places to heal from trauma, programs providing up-stream trauma informed care to children and young families affected by all forms of abuse and neglect. 

Bianca Rinehart





We are not currently accepting expressions of interest or any unsolicited requests for funding.